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Q: When Should Cracks Be Sealed?
Immediately: Pavement cracks measuring ¼ inch or greater 
    will allow moisture to penetrate and potentially deteriorate 
    the base or sub-base, resulting in pavement failure

Q: What Are Some of the Causes of Asphalt
The reasons for asphalt failure vary, but there are 
     consistencies in most cases including; poor drainage, lack 
     of maintenance, inadequate base, improper installation and 
     unstable subgrade components.  Asphalt fails when
     "fines" deteriorate from weather and excessive use by 
     heavy equipment and automobiles.  When the fines 
     deteriorate the binder begins to fail and the surface begins 
     to ravel.  Raveling weakens the pavement and allows water 
     to penetrate and deteriorate the base and the sub-base 
     causing pavement failure.

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