"Engineering Innovative Solutions"

How It's Done

We Engineer Success
The process all comes down to our people.  We identify your needs, we engineer solutions and we build success.  Yes, success is measured in quality of work, quantified in the engineered solutions, but we believe our people's dedication is the true measure of success.

The words we use to describe people at J&R are professional, expert, intuitive, creative, but most of all "proud."  From the site engineers to the people manning the crews, our employees care about quality, they care about cost, they care about creativity, but mostly they care about making our customers successful.

We Build Relationships
At J&R, our customers are partners in progress and success.  Our clients understand their needs and we help to create expectations to meet those needs.  From site maintenance to emergency services, we deliver engineer success on every project. 

Our future is based on the success we build today.

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