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Solar Reflective Coatings - This coating is a polymeric surfacing system designed for heat reduction of parking surfaces.  Infrared reflective pigments are used to reduce solar absorption and increase solar reflectance.  The product contains no PAHs, has a low VOC content and is fuel-resistant and non-fading.

Sufacing Solutions
Permeable Pavers - These pavers interlock and are designed with channels so that water drains off of the surface into a recharge bed that will filter into the soils below.  These pavers support heavy loads and help to maximize groundwater recharge.  These pavers are LEED® compliant.

Pervious Concrete - Pervious concrete is manufactured without "fine" materials and void spaces are incorporated to allow infiltration.  This concrete solution eliminates the need for costly underground filtration systems and reduces the need for salt or sand, as its non-slip surface prevents slipping and other potential hazards.  This material is LEED® compliant.

Porous Asphalt - This asphalt allows water to drain through the pavement surface into a stone recharge bed and absorb into the soil below.  Porous asphalt can provide cost-effective and attractive alternatives while providing an inherent storm water management system.  This system improves water quality and can eliminate the need for a detention basin.

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