"Engineering Innovative Solutions"

What We Offer

Asphalt Services
    •    Asphalt Removal
    •    Asphalt Installation/Repair
    •    Subgrade & Base Repairs
    •    Base/Subgrade Reclamation
    •    Subgrade Stabilization
    •    Asphalt Resurfacing
            »    Geotextile Resurfacing
            »    Leveling Binder
            »    Butt Joint Grinding
            »    Transitional Milling
            »    Infrared Asphalt/Repair
            »    Seal Coating
            »    Pavement Marking
Parking Lot Maintenance
    •    Seal Coating
    •    Crack Repair
    •    Asphalt Patching
    •    Concrete Maintenance
    •    Pavement Marking
    •    Catch Basin Repair
Concrete Services
    •    Concrete Removal
    •    Concrete Installation/Repair
    •    Concrete Stamping
    •    Storm/Subgrade Drainage
    •    Plumbing Stabilization
    •    Curb Construction/Repair
    •    Gutter Construction/Repair
    •    Sidewalk Construction
    •    Drive Approaches
    •    ADA Compliant Ramps
    •    Parking Lot Additions
    •    Parking Lot Repairs
    •    Marking
Striping & Painting
    •    Re-Striping Parking Lots
    •    New Striping Layouts
    •    ADA Compliant Signage
    •    Fire Lane Curbing/Stenciling
    •    Traffic Control Markings
    •    Design & Compliance

Site Evaluation
Our project goals are to provide quality workmanship while offering cost-effective alternatives.  Site engineers conduct a full project inventory so that a complete and accurate scope-of-work can be developed.  We offer a solution-based approach to each project so that a menu of options can be presented for evaluation.
Structural Maintenance
The effectiveness of finished paving is based on the structural capacity of the site.  Failing asphalt is normally caused by structural instability.  Structural improvement begins with a site evaluation and culminates with an onsite review of the condition of the site along with presented solutions.                  

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