"Engineering Innovative Solutions"

Who We Are

We are J & R
In 1982 J&R Asphalt was formed with the vision of providing quality commercial asphalt & construction services at competitive pricing to the industrial marketplace.  Over the past 30 years, J&R has built a reputation of being an industry leader in providing project solutions and the highest quality workmanship and performance available.  By working to a higher standard, J&R has expanded its footprint in the commercial construction sector and continues to redefine itself by offering a broadened menu of services.  Through constant industry-leading product and solution-based advancements, J&R has continually set the standard for quality workmanship and cost-effectiveness.

What We See
Our vision is to bring the highest level of quality and value to the marketplace through service enhancement and product development.  Our goal is to be your first choice in construction and paving solutions.

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